Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Suzanne’s Sea Glass Sprint a Non-Profit?

We are partnered with South Shore Resource and Advocacy Center, which is a community-based domestic violence non-profit organization.

Where Will The Event Take Place?

This years event will be taking place virtually due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty of when it will be resolved. This means you can either donate to the cause or you can walk or run the 5k from any location you choose, whether that’s on the road, a trail, or at the gym. If you are choosing to still walk or run the race, please share your pictures with us so we can add them onto our website and social media pages!

How Long Is The Event?

This years event will be held virtually due to COVID-19. 

Where Do I Park?

There are free and paid parking options available.

Free parking is first come, first serve and located at the following locations: Nelson Memorial Park and the two parking lots across the street from Nelson Park.

Paid parking is located behind Waterfront Bar & Grille and Village Landing, East Bay parking lot, anywhere on the waterfront strip.

What Registration Options Do You Have For The Event

This years event will be held virtually only!

I Can’t Make The Event, But I’d Like To Help. What Are My Options?

If your unable to attend the event but want to help the cause, we have TWO options for you!

You can either sign up for the race as a Virtual Participant or Make a Donation

Are There Sponsorship Opportunities Available For The Event? 

Yes! If interested in becoming an event sponsor, please check out our sponsorship opportunities!

Are Sponsorships and Donations Tax Deductible? 

Yes! ANY and ALL sponsorships and donations are tax deductible. We will provide the Tax ID for you to use!

Do You Need Volunteers?

If interested in becoming a volunteer for Suzanne’s Sea Glass Sprint please reach out to Sarah via email at sarah@seaglasssprint.com for more info!

Are Event Prices Going To Increase?

Not this year, as the event will be held virtually due to COVID-19. 

Will There Be Post Race Activities?

Not this year, as the event will be held virtually due to COVID-19.

I’d Like More Info on the South Shore Resource and Advocacy Center

For more information on our partner and what services they offer, please click here!

Are Race Shirts Provided? 

Unfortunately this year we won’t be having race shirts available. Due to the event being virtually and to reduce expenses (cost of shirts, packing & shipping) we feel it is best to use the money we would towards shirts to put towards the final donation.

What Types of Payment Are Accepted?

For donations and sponsorships you can pay through either PayPal or by Credit Card. 



For any other questions we haven’t answered, please reach out via email: sarah@seaglasssprint.com